Good to know

All gastherm LPG heaters are produced in accordance with the following:
- EN 624:2000 gasequipment
- Specifikation for LPG-appliances
- LPG burners in vehicle and boats.


Art. NummerBenämningLängdAnm.
200-2500-050Convector External18 mm L=500 mm, EKL=300 mm
200-2500-075Convector External18 mm L=750 mm, EKL=550 mm
200-2500-100Convector External18 mm L=1000 mm, EKL=800 mm
200-2501-050Convector Internal18 mm L=400 mm, EKL=300 mm
200-2501-075Convector Internal18 mm L=650 mm, EKL=550 mm
200-2501-100Convector Internal18 mm L=900 mm, EKL=800 mm
200-2502-050Convector18 mm L=400 mm, EKL=300mmWithout mounting details
200-2502-075Convector18 mm L=650 mm, EKL=550 mmWithout mounting details
200-2502-100Convector18 mm L=900 mm, EKL=800 mmWithout mounting details
200-2500-000HoseFör system 16-18 mmMaterial: EPDM
200-2800-000Circulation pumpAnslutningar G1/2"5 Power Modes 12V

*EKL = Effectiv heating convector length