Good to know

All gastherm LPG heaters are produced in accordance with the following:
- EN 624:2000 gasequipment
- Specifikation for LPG-appliances
- LPG burners in vehicle and boats.

GTE Koaxial

Gastherm GTE Coaxial - exhaust duct runs in the fresh air duct

Article numberDescriptionEffectConsumption propane/butan g/h
200-2000-150LPG heater GTE 1,5*1,5 kW122/146
200-2000-220LPG heater GTE 2,2*2,2 kW167/199
200-2000-280LPG heater GTE 2,8*2,8 kW202/232
200-2000-350LPG heater GTE 3,5*3,5 KW277/313


30 mbar

Power supply



P 472601


345mm x 345mm x 120mm

GTE Koaxial

Delivery complete with: Room Thermostat, 1 expansion vessel with carrier 1 y-pipe, 2 check valve hoses, 2 water connections, 2 mounting wall brackets and 1 LPG connection with 8 mm copper pipe.