Good to know

All gastherm LPG heaters are produced in accordance with the following:
- EN 624:2000 gasequipment
- Specifikation for LPG-appliances
- LPG burners in vehicle and boats.

Planera först

Start with the planning

The purpose with the central heating system is to establish a free of condensation environment and steady temperature in all parts of the room, independant of the weather condition. To be able to get the optimal benefits of the gastherm-heater, we will recommend to use some basic principles for the installation.

Chose the rioght heater

Heater Effect

Recommended Convector length

Maximum LPG consumption

GTE 1500 1500 W 2 m 110 g/h
GTE 2200 2200 W 3 m 170 g/h
GTE 2800 2800 W 4m 210 g/h
GTE 3500 3500 W 5-6 m 260 g/h


The heater placement

The heater is normally placed in a wardrobe or in a toiletroom. If the heater is placed in a small room, it is important to have good ventilation around the heater. In this way you may recover the heat from the heater itself. This should be covered with a protective grid to prevent that e.g. clothes comes into touch with the heaters roof or outside plate. The thermostat connection cable has a standard lenghth of 1,5m. The thermostat should be placed app 120cm above the floor on a open wall where it could not be influenced direct of any convector or own heat.

Mounting of the heater

Gastherm gasheater may be placed in the room where  the heating should be done and will give a steady effecitive warming. The gasheater may also be placed in another room like a toilett, wardrobePannan kan även placeras i annat utrymme som toalett, garderobe.

OBS! Although the heater is as well as maintainance free, it might be good to prepare the frontplate (with the typesign) to keep free space available for demounting and mounting at space.
Before you do mount the heater on the wall, you should take away the screws that is mounted on the inside of the frontplate